Mastering Preventive Dental Care in Portland

Discover the importance of preventive dental care in Portland. Our comprehensive guide offers tips and best practices to maintain optimal oral health in the city.

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    At Division Street Dental, we focus on the root cause.

    Is your diet in check? Are you getting the proper vitamins and minerals that your body needs? If you answered no, then your body is at risk of periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease! At Division Street Dental, we educate you on the importance of diet and how our oral cavity is linked to systemic manifestations.

    We help you understand that a nutrient-rich diet (foods with high levels of Vitamin A, D, and K) can help you fight off dental cavities. We will also go over foods that hinder your ability to fight dental decay. We are here for YOU. At your first visit, we customize your dental goals to not only help you prevent dental disease but help you achieve your maximum overall health goals.

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    Customer Reviews!
    Dr.Noor is definitely one of the coolest Portland dentist’s that I’ve met so far. I got my teeth cleaned today and they feel better than ever. She did outstanding work on my teeth! Will definitely be back! Highly recommended.
    Ali S.
    All the hygienists are friendly and helpful, they will answer any questions you have. The doctor is friendly and welcoming as well. They make sure you feel comfortable before they start their work. Best dentist I've ever been to.
    Catia P.
    Staff are so very warm and friendly and take great care of you. Always open to questions and take the time to give good answers! Thank you for all you do Division Street Dental! Happy Holidays!
    Aimee O.