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Portland Holistic Dental Care

Holistic Dentistry, also known as Biological Dentistry, is based on the concept that a patient’s oral health is closely tied to their overall wellbeing and the health of the rest of their body. As Division Street Dental, we help our patients live their best lives by optimizing not just their oral health but their overall wellbeing too!

PDX Holistic Dentist Treat the Whole Body, Naturally

Traditional dentistry is primarily focused on just treating dental problems as they arise, but as holistic dentists, we look for the root cause of what’s causing your symptoms. We work with you to eliminate the cause, which in turn eliminates future symptoms.

But, keep in mind that holistic dentists are in fact “real dentists” – we went to dental school and earned our DDS or DMD degrees just as any traditional dentist! We take a different approach to dentistry that accounts for the patient’s whole body, identifies and eliminates root causes, and treats symptoms safely and naturally.

Preventative Care

Beyond performing the standard preventative dental care of cleanings and exams, we can also help lessen your risk of other illnesses that aren’t traditionally associated with dentistry. For instance, poor oral health has been linked to 57 different diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. With the proper dental care, we can reduce those risks.

Immune System Support

A strong immune system and your oral health are closely linked, with healthy teeth and gums playing a vital role in your immune system’s ability to function properly and vice versa. If you’ve been feeling rundown or getting sick often, we can work with you and your primary care physician (MD, ND, DO) to help strengthen your immune system and improve your oral health to get you back to peak health.

Genetics as well as other risk modifiers can play a huge part of your inflammatory condition, which is why we customize each individual treatment plan based on their needs.

Stress Management

We even look at your emotional health in addition to your physical health! If you are stressed or overwhelmed, it can have a negative impact on your overall health. For instance, stress can cause you to grind your teeth while you sleep, which can lead to a whole host of symptoms like jaw pain, chipped teeth, migraines, and more.

As holistic dentists, we will help you identify stressors in your life and come up with a plan for how to reduce or eliminate stress in order to properly manage your dental care.

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Safe Dental Practices & Non-Toxic Treatments

Traditional dentistry often entails the use of fillings that contain mercury (which is toxic, according to the World Health Organization) or chemical bleaching agents for whitening teeth. Scary, right?

At Division Street Dental, we use only safe, natural, BPA- free, organic materials that are biocompatible, which means they won’t cause any kind of allergic or adverse reaction to your body. To determine whether a material is biocompatible with you, we use a variety of techniques including reviewing your in-depth medical history, blood tests, stress assessments, and even applied kinesiology.

We use dental techniques that allow for preserving your natural teeth wherever possible, drilling only when absolutely necessary and then using a natural material like resin or ceramic as a filling. In fact, many of our patients come to us specifically in order to have their mercury-containing dental amalgam fillings removed and replaced with natural ones.

Additionally, we steer clear of root canals and fluoride as they can cause long-term negative impacts on your health. Root canals can allow for harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, causing infection and then necessitating an even more invasive and painful procedure.

Visit A Holistic Dentist at Division Street Dental

So, what services do we offer? For the most part, we offer all of the basic services that you would receive at a traditional dentist’s office, like

Hold up, did you say laser dentistry?! That’s right, the future has arrived right here in Portland. Our laser technology means that you can get a filling with no anesthesia AKA no painful shots in your gums!

Additionally, we offer Invisalign and Lite Smiles Clear Aligners, night guards and sports guards, and a variety of therapies to preserve and strengthen your teeth and gums. And of course, all of these services are done with no toxic chemicals or harmful substances!

Interested? Speak With Holistic Dentist Today!

If you’d like to learn more about holistic dentistry, please give us a call! Our friendly front desk staff can answer any questions you have and get you on the books for your new patient appointment.

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