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    Safe Amalgam Fillings Removal

    Silver fillings used to be made of a combination of metal alloys that contained mercury along with silver, tin, copper, and/or zinc, also known as amalgam fillings. Many people still have dental amalgam fillings. Every time you chew breathe and swallow, mercury vapors get released into your system. Mercury vapors are known to be potent neurotoxins, and this is concerning to many people.

    Fortunately, amalgam fillings removal can now be safely removed and replaced with non-toxic alternatives. At Division Street Dental, our holistic dental team is here to help you through the removal process and guide you back to peak overall health!

    Brief History of Amalgam Fillings

    Originally, gold was the standard used for filling cavities, although amalgam has been used for the last 150 years since it is cheaper than gold, more pliable as it’s put into place and more durable long-term. More than 100 million Americans currently have dental amalgam fillings, although an increasing number are opting to have them removed and replaced with fillings that do not contain toxic heavy metals.

    Amalgam Fillings Removal Cost

    The cost of mercury/amalgam fillings removal varies based on several factors. If you have dental insurance, the procedure may be covered depending on the circumstances. The cost also depends on how large the filling is and how complex the removal process will be. 

    At Division Street Dental, we believe in being super transparent and straightforward with our pricing. We are more than happy to provide a general cost estimate over the phone, or we can prepare a detailed cost estimate when you visit us in the office for an exam and consultation.

    Should I Have My Mercury Fillings Replaced?

    Dental materials such as fluoride, amalgam fillings, and nickel used in crowns can introduce both toxicity and electric current into the body. These currents and toxins affect health depending on factors like what is happening inside of your body at that time. This can lead to compromised health or chronic degenerative diseases where you have no energy for anything else but sleep all day long!

    However, advances in technology have made the removal process completely safe now. If any of these situations apply to you, it’s a good idea to have your amalgam fillings replaced.

    Allergic Reactions to Mercury

    Some people are actually allergic to mercury and can develop oral lichenoid lesions, which are rashes in the mouth. If mercury continues to leak out of the fillings, the condition will only become worse as it is stored in adipose tissues and other fatty tissues in the body. If this occurs, the amalgam fillings should be removed as quickly as possible.

    Damaged Fillings

    If your amalgam fillings are damaged, they should definitely be replaced as soon as possible. Damaged fillings can release mercury more quickly than intact ones, and bacteria can grow under and around broken fillings, leading to further tooth decay, infection, or even an abscess. If your filling feels rough to your tongue, you experience pain while biting, or notice increased sensitivity, your filling may be damaged.

    amalgam filling

    Reduced Health Complaints

    In a Norwegian study, patients who reported health complaints such as headache, joint and muscle pain, fatigue, lack of concentration, and memory problems were evaluated in two groups: those who had their amalgam fillings removed and those who did not. The group who had the fillings removed reported significant reductions in their health complaints both in the short and long term, while the group who did not have their fillings removed reported no such improvements.

    If you suspect that mercury fillings are having an adverse effect on your overall health or if you just aren’t comfortable having neurotoxic heavy metals in your body, we at Division Street Dental are here to help. Contact us today!

    Safe Mercury Removal Dentist

    The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) has a special certification called SMART for dentists who are qualified to remove amalgam fillings.

    What is SMART?

    SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Dr. Noor Khaki has been SMART-certified since 2019! The safety procedures involved in the SMART dental technique include barriers to prevent mercury exposure, a special mouth rinse that absorbs mercury and prevents accidental ingestion, suction to remove all particles, and proper disposal techniques.

    Removing mercury fillings is no easy task and requires a lot of preparation, even more so if the patient has an allergy to latex. We have our own ‘mercury protocol’ for those patients who have this unfortunate circumstance as they use rubber dams, oxygen tanks, and suctions during removals in order to reduce exposure to toxic materials. The dentist will remove the filling(s) with caution while minimizing inhalation from these volatile restorations which are often covered by sensitive tissue that can easily be injured or damaged when exposed too long without proper protection around them!

    What Is Involved In The Procedure?

    The procedure to remove an amalgam filling is fairly involved, but that’s only because your health and safety as well as that of our staff members are of utmost importance.

    First, you’ll be asked to take chlorella tablets before we begin, which will help bind the Hg in your mouth in case of accidental exposure to mercury. A non-latex rubber dam will be placed around the tooth to prevent any small particles of mercury from mixing with saliva and being ingested

    You will be draped with protective coverings, and we will have vacuuming and suctioning devices on hand to remove all particles from your mouth. The whole dental team will also be wearing protective clothing and special filtration masks, and there will be air filtration units in the room.

    The amalgam filling will be removed in large pieces to minimize the release of vapor and cool water will be sprayed continuously over the filling to dilute the fumes further. Three different suction tools will be used to collect every tiny bit of amalgam. Finally, a radiograph will be used after the procedure to ensure that there are no remnants of amalgam left behind.

    Is It Dangerous To Remove Amalgam Fillings?

    The only danger in having an amalgam filling removed and replaced is if the dentist is not properly trained in the procedure. Special care must be taken to avoid high levels of mercury exposure, but it’s entirely possible to remove amalgam fillings safely and with very little risk to the patient.

    Is It Possible for Mercury to Leak From Amalgam Fillings?

    Yes, it is. As we’ve mentioned, even an intact amalgam filling will leak small amounts of mercury continuously. However, there are many factors that can speed up the release of mercury, such as chewing food or gum, drinking hot liquids, grinding your teeth, or even the presence of other dental hardware such as nickel or gold crowns or removable bridges.

    Where Does the Mercury Go?

    This released mercury is absorbed into your body through your cheeks and under your tongue. It can then travel through your lymphatic system and get into your bloodstream, from which it can reach every single cell in your body, disabling or destroying tissue as it goes. Scary, right?!

    Post-Mercury Removal Detox

    Even with a flawless amalgam filling removal, it’s possible that trace amounts of mercury can enter your body – not to mention all the mercury that’s leaked into your body while the fillings were in place.

    Fortunately, there are steps you can take afterward to detox your body. Ask us about our detox program. We will make sure to go over all the steps after the procedure to ensure solid detox removal of your mercury. Concentrate on a diet that’s free from added sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods. You can also supplement with various natural protocols like vitamin C and other immune system supports, chlorella, cilantro, sulfur, and other minerals.

    Interested in Removing Your Mercury Fillings?

    Dr. Noor Khaki here at Division Street Dental is certified in the SMART dental technique and our holistic dental team takes every possible precaution to make your amalgam filling removal as safe as possible.

    Call us at 503-774-3033 to schedule your appointment.

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